2. Choosing Borges

2.1. Do I need it?


This section, instead of presenting features, addresses the needs that Borges answers.

Constant revision, Multiple languages. If you manage or publish books that need frequent (constant) revision in multiple languages. Borges is for you. It will enable you to track changes at the paragraph or block of text level, maximizing translator's and proof reader's time.

Team Leaders. If you manage a team of authors, even scattered around the net, through it's CVS integration, task, revision and languages management, Borges will considerably simplify your life.

Reusable Content. If the content you are publishing is reusable, Borges is for you. For example, you write a travel guidebook for the USA and would like, from that same content, to publish books on each individual state without having to manipulate your document. You can also publish one book out of many.

Multiple Format Publishing. In todays Internet world, the format you choose to publish your work is something very likely to change. Furthermore, in a Customer Relationship Management perspective, it becomes a great asset to deliver content in the format most suitable for your users. It may be a book, it may be a web site, it may be a downloadable PDF... Borges, through it's XML and DocBook foundation is specifically tailored to address these needs... You can define layout for all of those formats and really adopt a content provider approach.

2.2. Is Borges for me?

Do not think about using Borges if you:

  • seldom write documents more than 2 pages long;

  • seldom have your documents translated;

  • don't want to work under operating systems other than Windows™;

  • get scared when seeing a text mode console;

Do use Borges if you:

  • happen to manage many big documents;

  • have those documents translated into many languages;

  • manage a team of many people involved in the production of these documents;

  • regularly lose your hair because the documented items change everyday;

  • can rely on someone at ease with GNU/Linux;

  • wish to bring your documentation project and team into a new generation of technical documentation with XML and DocBook.

In short, Borges will provide you with a solution to efficiently manage large documentation projects, bringing higher quality and reducing delays. The counterpart will be some time to spend reading the documentation and getting used to the system. If necessary installing a GNU/Linux system will also be needed. If you don't know DocBook, you'll have to learn it as well.

Still interested in the beast? Congratulations! read on, and good luck. You won't regret it!