5. Notes on Borges Installation

All is done so that the Borges backend can easily be installed anywhere on a system, including in a user's home directory. Efforts are also made so that it can be installed on other platforms than Mandrake Linux. If you try to install Borges on GNU/Linux and it doesn't work, we'll be glad to hear from you.

5.1. Installing Borges on an Unusual Path

According to the “Filesystem Hierarchy Standards”, Borges installs itself by defaults into /usr/share/Borges/ when running the make install command in Borges repository. Changing the DESTDIR parameter will overwrite this behavior.

Example 7.1. Installing Borges in Home Dir

$ make install DESTDIR=~/BORGES

5.2. Adapting Borges to unusual Environment

Borges is developped under Mandrake Linux and expects various files to be available at a specific location. The first step is to make sure all the dependencies listed at Section 1.3, “Dependencies” are correctly installed and working. If your PATH is correctly set, Borges should be able to acces the various executables he needs.

We will now review the external files Borges needs to work.

5.2.1. DTDs and StyleSheets

The template repository and sample files provided with Borges currently refer directly to files in your local filesystem. Catalogs are not currently used but nothing prevents you from using them. To adapt the paths to your local configuration, you'll have to edit files



It is recommended to use URI references and catalogs whenever possible, to allow documents generation to work on systems where DocBook is not at the expected place.

5.2.2. Other Control Files

openjade is a tool used for SGML transformations. Borges needs to access some of the files distributed with openjade. Those files are listed in template/conf/DocBook.xml and their path must be adapted to your local configuration. This file also holds the access path for the collateindex.pl DocBook script.


As the local configuration can change from one user to another, inside the same documentation project, it is possible for users to adapt access path in their own conf/author.xml configuration file.