Chapter 2. Quick Start Guide

1. Installation
1.1. Where to get it?
1.2. How do I install it?
1.3. Dependencies
2. First Steps
3. Beginning Your Own Project
3.1. Configuring Borges to Start a New Project
3.2. Step by Step Example
3.3. Final Notes

1. Installation

As of now, Borges has only been tested on Mandrake Linux. It should work on any Linux system provided the necessary dependencies are installed. Please inform us of any successes or failures on any other systems.

1.1. Where to get it?

Current versions are published on SourceForge. There, you will find different packagings:

  • If you are on an RPM based system, install Borges and Borges-DocBook noarch packages;

  • You can also choose to get the tarball (Borges-*.tar.bz2);

The different Borges packages are also part of the Mandrake Linux distribution.

Finally, if you like living dangerously, you can get the current CVS version with following parameters:CVS_RSH=ssh and Then, you can get the module Borges with password cvs.

1.2. How do I install it?

Just install the RPM packages, or read the instructions in the tarball.


Borges installs by default in /usr/share/Borges/. If that doesn't suits you, please see Section 5.1, “Installing Borges on an Unusual Path”.

1.3. Dependencies

If you do not install Borges from RPM packages, you'll have to check that the following programs or libraries are available on your system:

  • make

  • libxslt-proc;

  • perl;

  • perl-XML-Twig, perl-DateManip and perl-XML-LibXML libraries;

  • xmllint XML parser and validator;

  • ImageMagick images processor for images transformations;

  • xfig diagrams editor if you wish to work with xfig diagrams;

  • DocBook DTD XML version 4.2 into /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.2/;

  • DocBook DSSSL stylesheets into /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/;

  • DocBook XSL stylesheets into /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets/;

  • openjade

  • tetex-latex

  • jadetex


If something goes wrong while trying to install Borges, make sure that those applications are installed correctly.