2. First Steps


Borges provides an easy procedure to start with a new documentation project. We will detail the configuration steps necessary to create a project template. Afterwards, the sample document provided with Borges will be compiled into both PDF and HTML and the progress report will be generated.

To start with a new Borges repository, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create the project skeleton

    Borges provides a simple script to create a new project skeleton. Let's assume you want to put your files under My_Project in your home directory, then you would issue:

    /usr/share/Borges/bin/configure ~/My_Project

    to do so.


    The following steps assume you are in the working directory (~/My_Project/ in the example).

  2. Initialize the System with the Provided Sample

    Now, Borges has to be initialized with a new document to work with. To do so with the provided sample, just issue:

    make adddoc doc=My_Book master=/usr/share/Borges/Sample/master.top.xml

    and directories will be populated with the minimum required files.

  3. Compile My_Book to PDF and Check the Result

    Now you can compile the sample document to PDF to check how it looks. Issue

    make -C manuals/My_Book My_Book.pdf LANG=en

    to do so, and check the resulting PDF by issuing

    xpdf manuals/My_Book/My_Book.pdf

    if everything went well, you should see a nice PDF of the sample document. Of course, you can use Acrobat Reader instead of Xpdf to open the PDF if you prefer.


    the -C argument of the make command simply means to make the My_Book.pdf target in the manuals/My_Book directory. You could have run

    cd manuals/My_Book; make templates LANG=en

    as well.

  4. Compile My_Book to HTML and Check the Result

    You can also compile the sample document to HTML. Issue

    make -C manuals/My_Book My_Book.flat.html LANG=en

    to do so, and then check the results by pointing your favorite browser to ~/My_Project/manuals/My_Book/My_Book.flat.html.

  5. Generate and View the Report

    The report is a tool of Borges which informs you about the progress of the work being done in your project for all supported languages. To generate the report for the sample document, issue

    make -C reports all LANG=en

    and view the resulting report by pointing your favorite web browser to ~/My_Project/reports/index.html.

It was not that hard was it? Now, you can setup Borges to work with your own projects.