3. Revision Management Commands

Passing a task
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.revision TYPE=<task>



is the ISO code of the languge concerned


Is the module name (without the .xml extension)


is the task that is being passed as specified in the reports (by default, one of:write, update, synch, tproof, pproof, ispell, lproof)

Assign a task
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.revision TYPE=<task>.todo AUTHOR=<initials>

The only changes with respect to above command is that we add .todo as a prefix to the task to be assigned. Additionaly, we specify the initials of the author responsibla for that task. Note that authors are defined in conf/authors.xml.

Assign IDs automatically
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.id

This command may be excpetionnally needed when an author adds content to a module after the pproof task has been passed. This will ensure translators add this content to translations.

Assign a task for all the modules of a specific document
	    make -C manuals/<manual> revisions [LANG=<ll>] TYPE=<task>.todo AUTHOR=<initials>

The options are tha same as for assigning a task to a single module (see above).