Appendix A. Borges Commands Reminder

1. General purpose maintainance commands
2. Output Documents Compilation
3. Revision Management Commands
4. Module Edition Commands
5. Reports Generation Commands
6. Project Management Commands

This appendix will list all available make commands under Borges, sorted by topic: compilation, revision management, reports generation, etc.

1. General purpose maintainance commands

Initialize the system
	    ./configure [BORGESDIR=/path/to/Borges]

prepares the system to accept comands. Optionnaly, one can specify the path to the Borges installation if it is different from the default location (/usr/share/Borges).

Clean repository

Three versions exist:

make clean

Removes output documents and reports.

make cleaner

Additionally, that removes the images prepared for publication in output documents (in manuals/images/).

make superclean

This command will do its best to remove all files that are not present in the CVS repository. ./configure will have to be run afterwise to make the system functional again.

Retrieve Latest Version
make checkout

This will update all file with latest modifications made by others on the CVS server. It will retrieve new files and directories too.