4. Module Edition Commands

Make a standalone module for XML editors
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.edit.noents.xml

Will generate in modules/<ll>/<module>.edit.noents.xml an XML file suitable for edition in any XML editor.

Incorporate an edited module back into Borges
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.revertedit

This will take edited file modules/<ll>/<module>.edit.noents.xml and move changes back into modules/<ll>/<module>.xml so that changes are taken into account by Borges. Do not forget to commit the module if neede.

Commit a module to CVS
	    make -C modules/<ll>/ <module>.commit

That will additionally check the module's validity before committing.

Commit an entites file to CVS
	    make -C entity/<ll>/ <entities_module_name>.commit

That will additionally check the entities file validity before committing the entity/ll/entities_module_name.ent file.