Chapter 5. Borges and XML Editors

1. Which Editor Should I Use?
2. Emacs+PSGML
2.1. Installing PSGML
2.2. DTD-Awareness
2.3. Basic PSGML Commands
3. WYSIWYG XML Editors

1. Which Editor Should I Use?

Borges' modules are plain text XML files, so any text editor (Emacs, Vi, you-name-it) should be OK. Emacs is the favorite editor of Borges' authors, mainly because its PSGML module makes working with XML files really easy.

Nothing prevents you from using a GUI-based graphical editor, provided that it does not interfere with Borges' requirements and management features. To enhance compatibility with such editors, Borges provides a mechanism to export modules in a format suitable to such editors, and then import them back into Borges format. See Section 3, “WYSIWYG XML Editors”.

However, a “pure” text editor is highly recommended because it offers the ultimate flexibility when working with XML files.