4. Accounting Reports

4.1. Project Report

This special report is made of tables for each manual and for the the whole project that summarizes the authors contributions for each module and for each manual.

To generate these reports, simply run make -C reports/ accounting.html. Then point your browser to the resulting file reports/accounting.html. The table shows all the project's super-documents in column, with the respective contribution of each authors on each line. There are totals on each line for each author, and totals for each manual, plus a grand total for the whole project on the bottom right corner.

Additionally, you will find under reports/<Manual-Name>/costs.html some more detailed reports per manual which list authors contributions to each module. You can also generate those manual specific reports by running make -C manuals/<Manual-Name>/ costs.html

Now some details on the way those casts are calculated.

The script scans all modules and calculates each contribution with the following formula:


C=task Cost
N=number of text characters in the module
P=price per translated character
W=task weight

the P and W parameters are defined in conf/repository.xml. You should adjust them to your needs.

4.2. Authors Report

This report shows the same information but in an author's point of view: it simply lists all tasks done by each author and evaluates their cost. This report is generated by running:

make -C reports/ contributions.html