2. Automatically Compile and Publish Reports

To ease automatic publication of reports, Borges provides a single publish target, wich will:

  1. Clean the repository and get a fresh copy from CVS,

  2. Generate reports and/or output documents,

  3. Transfer them to a web server.

The command synopsis is simple:

make publish [PUBTYPE={report output}]

If the PUBTYPE argument is not provided, both reports and outputs will be generated and published. If you wish to update only one of those, specify it with PUBTYPE argument. For example if you wish to only update the reports on your website and not outputs, run make publish PUBTYPE=report.

This command is a very good candidate for periodic (cron) scheduling. This is a crontab example which updates reports every hour, and updates reports and output documents twice a day.

Example 4.1. Crontab Publishing

0 * * * *    nice make -C /home/r2d2/Borges/doc/ publish PUBTYPE=report
30 8,12 * * * *    nice make -C /home/r2d2/Borges/doc/ publish