Chapter 4. Features for the Project Manager

1. Server Side Repository
2. Automatically Compile and Publish Reports
3. Sending Mails to Authors
3.1. Adding Information on the Mail Footer
4. Accounting Reports
4.1. Project Report
4.2. Authors Report


The previous chapter was dedicated to the working masses. We will now concentrate on a few Borges features to assist the project manager.

The project reports (Section 4.4.1, “Global Project Report”) are a great help. But there are additional tools to remind authors of their current tasks (Section 3, “Sending Mails to Authors”), and to evaluate the work made by each author (Section 4, “Accounting Reports”).

1. Server Side Repository

Many of the following features are meant to be run periodically. Therefore it is highly recommended to create a special user on a server machine that would act as a robot. It would have a local copy of the project repository, and would be directed to periodically run tasks. This solution prevents possible conflicts with your own working repository.