3. Sending Mails to Authors


This very useful feature allows you to prepare mails for every author listed in the project. Those mails will list all tasks the author should be working on currently. Then Those mails will be sent, provided a mail server is available.


This feature is only available if a local mail server is available (on the same machine where the robot stands). If you wish to only generate the mails and send them on your own, you can simply run make mails in reports/.

To send the mails, run: make sendmails in the reports/ directory. That command will:

  1. Generate tasks reports,,

  2. Build contributors mail according to reports,

  3. Send messages through local mail server.

This command is a very good candidate for periodic (cron) scheduling. This is a crontab example which send mails every morning of working days.

Example 4.2. Crontab Mails Delivering

30 7 * * 1,2,3,4,5    nice make -C /home/r2d2/Borges/doc/reports sendmails

3.1. Adding Information on the Mail Footer

You can put additional information at the end of the mail, simply by writing your footer in the file conf/mailfooter.txt.

Borges actually provides a mechanism to automatically fill this footer with useful information for your contributors. You can find an example in /usr/share/Borges/template/conf/mailfooter.txt

You can make your modifications directly from

You can consult the compiled version of the manuals from
And current status at

Those modules corresponds to the files you can find in CVS with following parameters:

Do not hesitate to contact the documentation manager for any further

You can simply copy this file to your robot's conf/ directory, and eventually customize it. Words between @ will be replaces by their value as defined in conf/publish.xml.

When using the make sendmails command, if file conf/mailfooter.txt exists it will be automatically appended to every mail sent to authors.